Proper team function is critical to the success of your business.

Evaluate sooner rather than later.

Having a team that lacks in areas of expertise is one of the costliest mistakes a business can make. Understanding the capability, effectiveness and efficiency of your team is imperative to running a successful business. We work with clients to gain an understanding of where their team stands, where their team needs to go, and how their team can get there – developing reports, strategies, and training programs for continued success.

Team performance equates to business performance.

The areas of information your team should be evaluating are vast, but perfectly manageable. We’ll analyze areas such as: how frequently reports are being delivered, and if those reports align with business strategy; has a budget been established and is it being followed; how much money is being spent on late fees to vendors; is the accounting department properly supporting other key departments; and much more. Once evaluated, we’ll develop a team training program that connects employee performance with business strategy.

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"The superior knowledge and expertise has been unmatched by the team at Golden Gait Consulting. As a company that has seen extreme growing pains, Jon and Heather have been able to assist us with creating company standard operating procedures, researching software implementation issues, training accounting staff on various tasks, and offering support for reporting/filing requirements. I don’t have to worry about a project not getting done when we have hired them.  Their services and support have been instrumental in helping our company."

Angel Derochie, CPA, Divisional Chief Financial Officer
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