Ensuring your government contracting business is meeting applicable regulatory requirements.

Ensuring you’re meeting requirements.

Owning a business is thrilling, but staying up-to-date on regulations can be daunting. We’re committed to keeping federal government companies in full compliance with all rules and regulations. By staying current with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Contact Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements we work to keep your business meeting all expectations.

Growth comes by being on the right path.

We’ll work to help you identify and implement appropriate internal controls, policies, and procedures – keeping your business compliant and efficient as it grows. We assess existing controls, policies and procedures, and help train your staff on implemented changes, preparing for audits and navigating the rules that apply to your particular business. We cover these areas so your focus can remain where it’s most needed – on your business.


"Golden Gait came into JPI and was able to help my mid-sized company evaluate our entire financial situation in quick fashion and prepare us, in advance, for future Government contract audits. During this primary engagement, I was excited that Golden Gait found and solved issues we had outside of what we asked them to do. That sort of professional flexibility and capability is invaluable to our business."

Doug Garnett-Deakin, President

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